‘NAV-DURGA’ AN INDIAN PHILOSOPHY FOR SYNERGY AND CORPORATE-POWER ‘नव दुर्गा’ सह-शक्ति व निगम-शक्ति का भारतीय-दर्शन



‘नव दुर्गा’ सह-शक्ति व निगम-शक्ति का भारतीय-दर्शन    

सन्देश नवदुर्गा का यह, सह-शक्ति का सम्मान हो |

न कहीं-कभी-किसी-भी पल निज-शक्ति पर अभिमान हो||


आभा त्रिदेव की मिली बन दुर्गा स्वरूप में आगई |

देवों को जिसने हरा दिया, सह-शक्ति उसको हरा गई||

पाओगे तुम हर लक्ष्य यदि सहयोग-शक्ति का भान हो|

सन्देश नवदुर्गा का यह, सह-शक्ति का सम्मान हो ||


तन दिया माता पिता ने, मन संस्कारों से बना |

जो भी है प्रकृति, समाज का, क्यों अन्य को करें मना||

लाये न कुछ अपना यहाँ, कारण है क्या, गुमान हो |

सन्देश नवदुर्गा का यह, सह-शक्ति का सम्मान हो ||


जो स्वयं से संभव नहीं हो, सहयोग लेते अन्य का

निर्माण करते निगम, जो सामर्थ्य दे सहशक्ति का

निज लक्ष्य पा सकते, निगम-प्रबन्ध का यदि ज्ञान हो|

सन्देश नवदुर्गा का यह सह-शक्ति का सम्मान हो ||


शरीर भी एक दुर्ग और निगम भी है एक दुर्ग सम |

नियम बद्ध चलें तो दोनों स्वस्थ सदा सफल हों हम||

अनुरूप वातावरण के, बदलें नियम, अभियान हो |

सन्देश नवदुर्गा का यह सह-शक्ति का सम्मान हो ||

SYNERGY (सह-शक्ति): Synergy is a state in which two or more agents, entities, factors, or substances work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Thus, Synergistic effect means creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. When something is synergistic, it means various parts are working together to produce an enhanced result. The Synergistic effect has been explained in interesting way through indian mythology.

Durga and Synergy: Synergy usually arises when two or more persons with different complementary skills cooperate. There is a story that the gods were defeated by the demons headed by Mahishasura.

A great light, issued from Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and other gods joined together, From their joint energies, emerged a unique radiance that took female form, Devi Durga. Her face was formed by Shiva’s light, her hair by Yama’s colour, her arms from Vishnu’s lustre and her breasts from Chandra’s luminescence. From Brahma’s glow came her feet, from Kubera’s her nose and from Agni’s blaze her three eyes.

Shiva gave her his trident, Vishnu his discus, Varuna a conch, Agni a spear, Indra a thunderbolt, Surya bestowed his own rays on all the pores of her skin and Kala (time) gave her a sword and shield. Armed by the gods, the Devi challenged the demons..

In business also, cooperation of people with organizational and technical skills happens very often. In general, the most common reason why people cooperate is that it brings a synergy. People tend to specialize just to be able to form groups with high synergy.

A corporate synergy refers to a financial benefit that a corporation expects to realize when it merges with another unit.

Durga and Corporate World: A corporate is a company or group of people authorised to act as a single entity and recognised as such in law. As per the mythology from the joint energies of Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and other gods,  emerged a unique radiance that took female form, Devi Durga. Thus Goddess Durga can be considered as the manifestation of the corporate world formed by all the Gods in a single entity Durga.

The word Durga is rooted in the word durg, which refers to a fortress that we build to protect ourselves from marauders. Durga, in the corporate world, is the psychological fortress we build by making system and get them audited regularly to cope with the corporate world.

Corporations are owned by their stockholders (shareholders) who share in profits and losses generated through the firm’s operations, and have three distinct characteristics

  • Legal existence: a firm can (like a person) buy, sell, own, enter into a contract, and sue other persons and firms, and be sued by them. It can do good and be rewarded, and can commit offence and be punished.
  • Limited liability: a firm and its owners are limited in their liability to the creditors and other obligors only up to the resources of the firm, unless the owners give personal-guaranties.
  • Continuity of existence: a firm can live beyond the life spans and capacity of its owners, because its ownership can be transferred through a sale or gift of shares.

The corporate world is voluntary submission to a system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. Corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of the many stakeholders in a company – these include its shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community.

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