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There is a certain order and harmony in the universe, as everything in this universe is balanced by different types of positive and negative forces. So, there is the need to instruct or guide the individual to remain in concord with the prevailing harmony in order to enjoy in this universe. The concept of the human life is based on the principles of eternal enjoyment The Bhagwad Gita explains:

  • the nature of the world around an individual in the universe
  • different types of personality to deal with
  • the technique of right contact with the world.

Nature of the world

  1. The world is a mix of pairs of opposites; i.e. (dualities of life) such as kindness and cruelty , happiness and misery , intelligence and foolishness, knowledge and ignorance, truthfulness and falsehood, fear and fearlessness, birth and death, violence and equanimity , fame and infamy.
  2. all of these are created by the Supreme to maintain balance.
  • It is constantly changing and is unpredictable.

Individual’s Personality: Everyone is bound by their inherent nature and cannot act apart from inborn traits. Once you come to terms with this, you will not expect an angry person to be gentle or a hysterical person to be sane. You will know exactly how to deal with them without getting upset.

Your personality: Look within and find out:

  • What motivates you and drives you to action?
  • How is it that at times you are serene and tranquil, at most times agitated and disturbed, and at still other times lazy and indolent?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you happy being the way you are or do you want to become a better person.

The Bhagwad Gita is a scientific manual for the art of  living and enjoying  life. One can say that  Gita is the world’s foremost school of self-management that enables us to be successful and happy. It explains how to assess

  • the world,
  • your surroundings and
  • the people you interact with regularly .

It also explains how to insulate from shocks of life and enjoy the thrills without pain and suffering.

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