कर्मयोगी के चित्त की स्थिति

प्रशान्तमनसं ह्येनं योगिनं सुखमुत्तमम्‌ ।

   उपैति शांतरजसं ब्रह्मभूतमकल्मषम्‌ ॥6-27॥

   यथा दीपो निवातस्थो नेंगते सोपमा स्मृता ।

       योगिनो यतचित्तस्य युञ्जतो योगमात्मनः ॥6-19॥

प्रथम नव-अम्बर तनमन ले आनंद धाम में आयें |

हो प्रशांत दीपक जीवन के परम लक्ष्य को पायें ||

      है प्रशांत मन ही तो केवल उत्तम सुख का साधन |

      शांत रजोगुण क्रोध कामना रहित रहे मन पावन ||

स्वयं सदृश अनुभव कर सबमें ब्रम्ह्भूत होजायें|

हो प्रशांत दीपक जीवन के परम लक्ष्य को पायें||

      दीपक की लौ दे प्रकाश यदि बाह्य हवा न हिलाए|

       अपने अपनों हित चित्त को बाह्य तत्व न भरमापाए||

मिट्टी के तन दीपक में स्नेह सुधा भर लायें|

हो प्रशांत दीपक जीवन के परम लक्ष्य को पायें||

      आत्म विकास करें लेखनी संग सृजन तन्मय हो|

      शौर्य सदा दे साथ कभी न कहीं किसी से भय हो||

कर्मयोग की करें साधना जीवन सफल बनाएं |

 हो प्रशांत दीपक जीवन के परम लक्ष्य को पायें||


Eternal Happiness is the mental status of a KARMAYOGI. Our ultimate goal is to be constantly in the status of eternal bliss. In order to achieve the status, one has to understand the basic constitution of  human being. A human being is born with two bodies mental-body and the physical-body. Mental body is just like your undergarments that cannot be seen by others unless you expose. All others can see your physical body only.

One can attain the status of eternal happiness only if he has eternal peace in mind and inactive ‘RAJOGUNA’, i.e. there is no sign of anger and expectation with anybody. Anger and expectations are the products when ‘RAJOGUNA’ is active. In this status, one starts feeling everything including himself as a part of the Supreme Being i.e .BRAMHABHOOTA. So his action will always be sinless.

Our body is made up of earthly elements and lamps are also made of earthly soil. Light of the lamp gives light only if it is not disturbed by the wind of air from outside and it is full of oil. Similarly one can give light of happiness to others around him only if his mental status is not disturbed by the external happenings and is full of affection.

For self development, one should always be busy creating something new with the suitable instruments like pen, brush, computer, etc. One should always be full of inner strength so that he is always fearless and not scared from anything/ anybody. In this way one is able to apply KARMAYOGA and get success in life.

2 thoughts on “KARMAYOGA

  1. Very beautiful and meaningful lines, Papa. If one follows this, will certainly become a karmayogi and achieve success in all walks of life.

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