Mahashatiand tridev

Initial universe energy, while slowing down changed its speed of motion. As per basic science

Rate of energy ( E /t) = Force x speed of motion (F x V)

 In this way different types of universal forces emerged.


According to the Big Bang theory, a single force existed at the beginning of the Universe, and, as the Universe expanded and cooled, this force separated into

  1. gravity,
  2. electromagnetism, and
  3. the nuclear forces.

Two forces act within the nucleus to hold it together:

  1. the strong nuclear force and
  2. the weak nuclear force.

These are four fundamental forces  are sometimes called universal forces.

  1. The Strong Nuclear Force: The strong nuclear force is a powerful force of attraction that acts only on the neutrons and protons in the nucleus, holding them together. This force works over distances the diameter of a proton. The nucleus of an atom has protons crammed into a tiny space. Protons are positive so they should repel each other. But the protons are held together by a force stronger than the electromagnetic force.
  2. The Weak Nuclear Force: The weak nuclear force is an attractive force that acts only over a short range and affects all particles, not just protons and neutrons. Acts over a distance of about 10-18 meters. It is weaker than the strong nuclear force as well as the electromagnetic force. This force is responsible for nuclear beta decay and other similar decay processes involving fundamental particles. The range of this force is smaller. it is important in understanding the behavior of fundamental particles.
  3. The Electromagnetic Force: Electromagnetic force, which is carried by a particle called the photon. Electromagnetism is several billions times more powerful than the gravitational force. This is the force which exists between all particles which have an electric charge. Electric and magnetic force are two different aspects of the electromagnetic force. Electromagnetic force is associated with charged particles. Electric and magnetic forces are the only forces that can both attract and repel. a) Electric Forces: Electric forces act between charged objects or particles such as electrons and protons. Objects with opposite charges (positive and negative) attract one another. Objects with like charges repel one another. b)Magnetic Forces: Magnetic forces act on certain metals, on the poles of magnets, and on moving charges. Magnets have two poles (North and South) that attract each other. For example, electrons (negative charge) bind with nucleus of an atom, due to the presence of protons (positive charge).
  4. The Gravitational Force: Gravity is the weakest universal force. Gravitational force involves much more than just Earth’s gravitational field. Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that every object in the universe attracts every other object. Gravity acts over large distances. Gravitational force between two objects is proportional to their masses and decreases rapidly as the distance between the masses increases.


In Indian mythology, the same things have been explained in a very interesting manner. Adishakti created three types of forces in the form of Trinity of Gods. Trinity of Gods Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu are the forms of universal forces: Nuclear forces, Gravitational forces, and Electro-magnetic forces respectively.

  1. Nuclear forces are of two types: Strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force. In the same way the first Trideva Shiva has two forms;  Mahadeva as Strong nuclear force responsible for the stable structure of the atom in the form of beautiful world through Lasya. And the other form Rudra denoting Weak nuclear force responsible for nuclear beta decay and other similar decay processes involving fundamental particles.
  2. Forces of gravitation has created all the planet and stars playing the role of creator of everything, which depicts the another Trideva Bramha.
  3. Every item is maintained and sustained with the strong electromagnetic forces, which is the another Trideva Vishnu.

All gods or devtas are forms of energies. They each go through a phase of transition and play their role in governing some aspect of Creation.

The Universe Energy (Mother Goddess) is primarily the embodiment of Shakti, power or Energy, of growth, fertility and prosperity, or death, destruction and disease. She is the universal mother, the epitome of female power overriding all other powers and primal energy. The Supreme Energy or Maha Shakti is manifested chiefly in three forms: Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Kali. The three devis represent three important facets of life: Creation, Conservation and Annihilation. Learning and wisdom play a far more important role than details of one’s birth.

  1. Maha Saraswati stands for creation. The creative person who pursues knowledge and wisdom continues to live with her grace.
  2. Maha Lakshmi, who is responsible for the sustenance of life. Maha Lakshmi bestows her grace and bounty.
  3. Finally, Maha Kali, responsible for annihilation, completes the cycle.

Saraswati, Lakshmi and Maha Kali/Shakti are the three forms of the Goddess. They embody knowledge, wealth and power. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the three forms of God who create, sustain and destroy.  Now observe carefully. The Goddesses are associated with nouns: knowledge, wealth and power. The Gods are associated with verbs: creating, sustaining, destroying. Knowledge/wealth/power can be created/sustained/destroyed. Knowledge/wealth/power provides the capability to create/sustain/destroy. Action is with the Gods — the result of the action is the Goddess who in turn provokes more action.
In this way Three Gods were got wedded with their respective Goddesses. Shiva with Mahakali/Gauri in two different forms; Vishnu with MahaLaxmi, and Bramha with Saraswati.


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