Good Successful Human being


A good human being: A good human being is

  • honest to himself and
  • sensitive to the needs of others.

An emotionally honest person is a product of an upbringing that infuses a sense of self-worth.

People lacking self-worth: People can lack self-worth because of a Freudian rejection in their infancy. To overcome their feeling of smallness or insecurity , people control those emotionally or socially weaker than them.

Characteristics of a good person

  • The good individual stands liberated from the control chain, from thought systems that divide people.
  • He tends to be free of malice, fear, and inner turmoil -all of which arise from carrying the burden of the past. The past can be overcome only by coming to terms with it.
  • The good individual is an ardhanarishwar, possessing the
  1. traditional masculine attributes of fearlessness and direction and
  2. the feminine traits of compassion and accommodation.

But to have the right instincts all through life and avoid attrition of inner strength, a good individual needs a supportive social order. The free individual needs to engage with society to maintain his freedom.

The flux in this negotiation -`neither this nor that’ (नेति नेति) -in Upanishadic terms embodies the richness of existence.

Reinventing self : It is not necessary that a good human being will always get success in life. In order to be successful he is to remain himself reinventing. According to situation in which he is placed and the environment, he is to remain upgrading his own skill and acquire knowledge not only in his own field but also in the related areas.

Upgrading his knowledge and skill: Success never comes to those who sit back and wait for a miracle. Gone are the days when taking a higher degree was sufficient to get a job and sustain with it for the rest of your professional life. With newer technologies coming in, by the time you graduate out of college, your skills become outdated; so, you need to constantly update yourself to avoid being obsolete in the system. You need to have an insatiable desire to learn and explore skills.

  1. For getting success, it has become crucial to constantly upgrade his skill set to stay marketable.
  2. One needs to be contemporary in the known fields and also a quick learner of ‘new’ avenues and aspects.
  • One needs to be proficient with the e-world and stay abreast with the happenings in the virtual world.“

Updating in related areas: The key to professional growth at different levels is higher domain knowledge in narrowly defined verticals at lower levels, and appreciation of diverse verticals at senior levels. While there are people who want to jump and hop to newer jobs to go up the ladder, the real success comes when you start challenging yourself within a given set-up. You can make optimum use of online platforms to explore and learn new courses and skills; participate in communities and group activities and discussions to understand newer perspectives; and make sure intellectual stagnancy never seeps in,

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