GITA-GEET Chapter 2 (31-38) गीता-गीत द्वितीय-अध्याय श्लोक(31-38)

GITA Chapter 2 (31-38)

गीता द्वितीय-अध्याय श्लोक(31-38)

(युद्ध हेतु प्रेरणा)

कर के विचार अपने, स्वाभाविक धर्म का,

उचित नहीं  संकोच, युद्ध हित कर्म का |

धर्मयुक्त युद्ध से अधिक न श्रेयस्कर,

               अन्य कोई भी कर्म क्षत्रियोचित मर्म का||2-31||


अनायास ही खुले हुए स्वर्ग के द्वार जैसे |

               भाग्यवान क्षत्रिय ही पाते युद्ध उपहार ऐसे ||2-32||

 यदि नहीं करोगे तुम यह धर्म संग्राम अब

                       स्वधर्म और कीर्ति त्याग पाप पाओगे तब ||2-33||


 सब अपकीर्ति कथन करेंगे बहुत काल तक,

 सम्मानित के लिए मृत्यु से बढ़कर अपयश

  महारथी-जन जिनमें हो तुम अति सम्मानित

                        मानेंगे लघु, समझ युद्ध से हटे हो भयबस ||2-34,35||


अहित चाहने वाले वैरी तेरे फिर,

 बहुत सी अकथनीय बातें कहेंगे|

  न इससे बड़ा दुःख होगा कोई जब,

                   तेरे सामर्थ्य की ही निंदा करेंगे||2-36||


पाओगे स्वर्ग यदि मर गए युद्ध में,

भोगोगे पृथ्वी को यदि होगयी विजय|

अर्जुन! दोनों तरह से ही तो लाभ है,

                 अतः उठ जाओ कर युद्ध का निश्चय||2-37||


समझ लो समान ही जीत हो या हार हो,

सुख और दुःख या जो भी हानि लाभ हो|

फिर उसके बाद युद्ध के लिए तैयार हो,

              इस प्रकार युद्ध से न कोई पाप प्राप्त हो||2-38||

Do your duty  Arjuna! it is the duty of a Kshatriya to fight.

Nothing is higher for a Kshatriya than  a war if it is for right.

Considering also your duty as a warrior you should not waver.

As there is nothing more auspicious for a warrior than a righteous war ever. (2-31)

Only for the fortunate warrior, such  opportunities arise

              For an unsought war is like an open door to paradise.||2.32||

This righteous war, if you will not fight.

You will fail in your duty, lose  reputation, and incur sin, as it will not be right. ||2.33||

People will talk about your disgrace forever.

For one accustomed to be honoured, dishonor is worse than death ever. ||2.34||

The great charioteers will consider that you fled the battlefield through fear;

Those will not pay regard to you who hitherto held you in great esteem and are near.


Your enemies will deride your prowess in derogatory terms which should not be said;

It could be much more distressing, when from inside you will be sad. (2-36)


If killed in battle, you will attain heaven;

if victorious, you will enjoy this earthly kingdom.

Therefore resolve to fight and arise!

as in both the cases nothing to lose but to attain some. (2-37)


Having made pleasure and pain, gain and loss,

victory and defeat the same, without reaction.

Develop a balanced mind and engage  in battle,

you shall not incur sin; and cast off the bonds of action. .(2-38)


  1. One should adopt a profession suiting to his natural instinct and never be scared in performing the assigned duty.
  2. Arjuna was attached to his ‘good name’, an aspirant must realize that these are the very considerations which weaken his resolve to struggle and prove to be a formidable obstacle. The fear of disgrace and pretention of superiority are critical adversaries.
  3. Always fight for the right cause whatever challenge be there, else one can lose one’s

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