*GITA BY RAMA (राम-गीता सन्देश)* SUCCESS MANTRAS FOR LIFE (सफल जीवन-रथ के अंग)

*GITA BY RAMA (राम-गीता सन्देश)*

SUCCESS MANTRAS FOR LIFE (सफल जीवन-रथ के अंग)

As lord Krishna gave message of Gita to Arjuna motivating him to fight in Mahabharat  war and win. In the same way during the war in Lanka Rama Ravana battle, lord Rama delivered the message of Gita to Vibhishana.

Vibhishana saw that Rama was going to fight on foot with Ravana who is fully equipped with armor and chariot. He became anxious when he saw Ravan on a magical chariot, but Lord Rama, who was having a good combat with him, was chariot-less. He said, “You have no chariot nor any protection either for Your body (in the shape of armour) or for Your feet (in the shape of shoes). How, then, can You expect to conquer this mighty hero, Ravana.

Rama replied that the chariot which leads one to victory is quite another. Lord Rama explained to Vibhishana the way how a person can win the success in life. As per Tulasidasa’s Ramayana (RamaCharit Manas) in Lanka kaand, Rama defined the winning chariot as follows:

सुनहु सखा कह कृपानिधाना। जेहिं जय होइ सो स्यंदन आना॥

सौरज धीरज तेहि रथ चाका। सत्य सील दृढ़ ध्वजा पताका॥

बल बिबेक दम परहित घोरे। छमा कृपा समता रजु जोरे॥

ईस भजनु सारथी सुजाना। बिरति चर्म संतोष कृपाना॥

दान परसु बुधि सक्ति प्रचंड़ा। बर बिग्यान कठिन कोदंडा॥

अमल अचल मन त्रोन समाना। सम जम नियम सिलीमुख नाना॥

कवच अभेद बिप्र गुर पूजा। एहि सम बिजय उपाय न दूजा॥

सखा धर्ममय अस रथ जाकें। जीतन कहँ न कतहुँ रिपु ताकें॥

Rama, the sea of mercy, heard Vibhishana and said: “Listen friend, the chariot that leads a man to victory is another. Further he explained different components of the chariot and implements used to be successful in life-battle..

  • Wheels of that chariot – 1. Valour and 2. Fortitude
  • Banner and standard – Truthfulness and 2. Good conduct.
  • Four horses: 1. Strength, 2. Discretion, 3. Self-control and 4. Benevolence
  • Cords joining horses to the chariot – Forgiveness, compassion and                                                                                                     evenness of mind.
  • Expert driver: Adoration of God
  • Shield – Dispassion,
  • Sword – Contentment
  • Axe – Charity,
  • Fierce lance – Reasoning and intellect
  • Relentless bow- Highest wisdom,
  • Container holding arrows – A pure and steady mind
  • Sheaf of arrows – Quietude and the various forms of abstinence (Yamas) and religious observances (Niyamas)
  • Armor – Homage to the teachers, learned people, and elders;

There is no other equipment and implement for victory as efficacious as this. My friend, he who owns such a chariot to ride on, shall have no enemy to conquer anywhere.

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