UNIVERSE-ENERGY AND BRAHMN (आदि-शक्ति और ब्रह्म)

UNIVERSEENERGY AND BRAHMN (आदि-शक्ति और ब्रह्म)

Scientific theories proved that matter is no more than insubstantial fields of energy moving in a great emptiness (space) or ‘shunya’ that pervades and surrounds everything. Thus all objects and living things have no substance except as bundle of energy.

As per Upanishads Brahmn is space. So in Vedanta, God is space! This is evident in the Rig Veda, Brihadaranyaka, Chhandogya and Taittiriya Upanishads and in the Brahmasutras.

“In the beginning, there was a point. The point exploded and expanded into space.”

Gargi asked, challenging Yajnavalkya.“Yajnavalkya, I ask you just two questions. “ Her second and final question was: “What is it that extends as space?“ Yajnavalkya answered: “Akshara.“

Gargi’s question and Yajnavalkya’s answer represented the summit of all knowledge. Akshara means which cannot be destroyed, the constant. What expands as space is the most fundamental constant of the universe, the world-stuff, Brahmn, represented by a letter. Akshara is the virya-sambhruti (condensed energy) of the universe, and space is its dyu-vyapti (radiation).  In the following shloka of Bhagavadgita, Brahmn has been explained in the same line:

अक्षरं ब्रह्म परमं स्वभावोऽध्यात्ममुच्यते ।

भूतभावोद्भवकरो विसर्गः कर्मसंज्ञितः ॥

Intimate Secret Of The Universe: According to Newton’s theory of gravity,

Force of attraction Fa = GMm/R*R

The body of mass m going up with a velocity v, will produce kinetic energy =1/2(mv*v) . For the unit mass (i.e. m=1), it is equal to 1/2(v*v)

the escape velocity v from a distance r from the centre of gravity of a heavy object with mass M , is described by


If a body with a large mass M is compressed to increase its density infinitely high, so much so that R is reduced to near zero value, velocity v will rise and try to exceed the velocity of light. Force of attraction will be very high and everything in the universe will be attracted towards that mass point.

With the reduction of R, a black-hole must compress mass, then expand that mass to another dimension. Either that or the other hole expand the matter it has compressed back into our universe. The outwardly expanding anti-matter energy and gravitational waves created may explain the increasingly faster rate of expansion of the universe. If energy and mass are the same, and all atoms must ride a pathway to each other, then the universe is in a semi-fluid base and everything we see is what we are, God Our Universe.

This theory aims to show that everything physical in this universe are nothing but different aspects of one single source.

Brahman:  Brahman, from the verb brh, “to grow”, and connotes “immensity” — is the impersonal and immanent, infinite cause and support of the universe that has no form or attributes. Its nature consists of the three incommunicable attributes of (1) sat (Absolute Being), (2) chit (Consciousness), (3) ananda (Bliss). Satchidānanda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute), The Eternal Changeless Reality, not conditioned by time, space and causation. Brahman is the basis, source and support of everything — the transcendent reality which is the Divine Ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being, and everything beyond in this universe.

In the ‘Taittariya Upanishad’ Brahman is described as Universal Consciousness “satyam jnanam anantam brahma”, “Brahman is of the nature of truth, knowledge and infinity.” Brahman is conceived of as the very essence of existence and knowledge, which pervades the entire universe, including every living being.

Universe is Intelligent Energy: It is compassionate, and it responds to us. Intelligence and energy is one and the same. Intelligence is energy and energy is intelligence. Each particle of this universe  has the same amount of intelligence at their total self level and within the molecular structure of their bodies. Subatomic particles of the matter are only the fluctuations of energy and information.

Scientists at Cern’s Large Hadron Collider recently announced the discovery of a new class of exotic subatomic particles called the pentaquarks. “The pentaquark is not just any new particle “It represents a way to aggregate quarks, namely the fundamental constituents of ordinary protons and neutrons, in a pattern that has never been observed before.

Subatomic particles of the matter are only the fluctuations of energy and information. In the following shloka of Bhagavadgita, it has been mentioned that the knowledge, which indicates presence of the everlasting sense of energy and information in each and every thing at subatomic level, is the excellent knowledge.

सर्वभूतेषु येनैकं भावमव्ययमीक्षते

अविभक्तं विभक्तेषु तज्ज्ञानं विद्धि सात्त्विकम्

Physical energy has several forms. There are transformations among the different forms of energy. In the process, however, the indestructibility of the energy, and consequently matter, is not affected. The principle of the conservation of energy says that energy is indestructible; it only transforms from one form to the other. In other words, both matter and energy are indestructible.

In Bhagawad Geeta it is given how everything in the universe goes back to its original nature after a predetermined period (kalpa) and in the beginig of the next kalpa, the same comes out from that original nature again.

सर्वभूतानि कौन्तेय प्रकृतिं यान्ति मामिकाम्

कल्पक्षये पुनस्तानि कल्पादौ विसृजाम्यहम्

The Hindu concept that all entities within the universe has emerged from the single source. This single source must be a SUPER ENERGY or a Universal Intelligent energy  and may be named as Omnipotent God or ADI-SHAKTI. Everything in the universe has been created with the  transformation of energy to matter and viceversa  by applying intelligence.

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